City of Grenada Experiences Bank Stabilization Issues Due to Heavy Rains

The weather system that passed through much of North Mississippi Wednesday night, and Thursday morning dropped 2-3 inches of rain on Grenada.

City Manager Trey Baker says that amount by itself is not a problem, but with the city still feeling the effects from above-average rainfall that began in February, the new accumulation makes matters worse.

"We've had some bank stabilization issues, and some different flooding issues that we're still working through. We haven't recovered from the initial flooding that we got the Presidential Disaster Declaration from, so now this on top of it makes it a little bit worse."

On Greer Road, one homeowner is experiencing bank stabilization issues, fearing that if the rain continues the backyard could collapse into the creek behind his home.

"I mean it makes me nervous with it being as bad as it is, with all this rain that we're getting, but I've got faith in Grenada I know they'll fix it," says Greer Road Resident, Hayz McClain.

And fixing it is exactly what City Councilman Lewis Johnson intends to do.

"Somehow we're going to try to drench part of this ditch further down so it can help the water move to, but the problem we're running into is something that we can't do anything about that's mother nature," he says

Mother Nature, didn't just stop there, it also caused bank stabilization problems in the Whitehaven community on Windsor Road.

Windsor Road Resident, Kim Baker says, "Now the utility pole is within 3 ft of the rushing water which when this utility pole goes it's going to take down the entire service area down through Windsor road, and Entergy came this morning and they agreed, and I'm nervous just standing here by this pole."

"We just want to make sure that people stay calm, and be careful and look out for their neighbors, in this kind of weather, and try to be as careful as possible as we go forward," says Trey Baker.

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