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Just one more thought...today's journalism is lazy. Not one victim was interviewed for this piece. Not one of them was highlighted and they are probably struggling from the attack. Dog attack victims, especially if it's severe, often have years of recovery, plastic surgery. PTSD, loss of wages, physical therapy, etc. And you all are more concerned with getting some dogs a home? Really? Is it really that hard to locate these victims and maybe put some uplifting words about their recovery and add in maybe a go fund me if they're really struggling? There were so many missed opportunites in this piece and there was so much fluff that it was largely confusing. Lazy journalism and ill thought pieces are something we should all struggle against.


Where is the information about the attack victims??? They're the whole reason the ordinance is being changed, and nothing about their struggles were highlighted. Instead, time was spent showing pit bulls wagging their tails. I'm not sure what we're supposed to gather from this piece.

I'm a little confused about why there are so many images of friendly pit bulls when the ordinance has been changed because of a pit bull attack. I mean, sure there are friendly ones I'm sure, but they are the number one most legislated breed in the US and that's not because they're companion animals.

I'm a little tired of all the pit bull pushing because alot of the information shared doesn't accurately portray the type of dog as being as dangerous as it is.

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