Corporations teamed up to donate hundreds of books for one Delta school to give to its students.

The Delta News teamed up with McDonald's and Disney to give out 500 books to one school in the Delta.

Claudine Brown Elementary School in Greenwood was the special school chosen to receive those books.

Superintendent Doctor Mary Brown of the Greenwood Leflore Consolidated School District is grateful to the books donated.

"Greenwood Leflore Consolidated School District would first of all like to thank McDonald's and Disney as well as Delta News for coming out to support our students, but we want to thank McDonald's and Disney for donating 500 books today to Claudine Brown, to our students. Helping to promote reading and we're just so grateful and thankful that they chose, or you all chose, us to come and donate and celebrate," Superintendent Brown said.

Principal Tara Harris of the Claudine Brown Elementary School explains the benefits reading has on children.

"It's very exciting to get these books on today for these students. With this being a pre-k through second grade school, laying the foundation for them is very important and that starts with reading. With McDonald's, Disney, and WABG coming together bringing these books out to donate to these students was very important and for us it's part of building that foundation for our students and grades pre-k through second," Principal Harris said.

Claudine Brown Elementary School actually had a lot of books for fourth graders so getting these 500 books was really beneficial for the pre-k through second grade school.

McDonald's operations manager, Kimberly Dean, is happy to give back to a school she knows well.

"McDonald's partnering with Disney and also WABG to give back to the local schools and different counties and I'm happy to say that Claudine Brown was my first school that I attended when I first started school so I'm very excited to be a part of the company and being able to give back to the local school," Kimberly Dead said.

The children are excited to bring the books home, but were also excited to meet McDonald's character Birdie.

"With these books, that will give parents the opportunity to at least read with their children at least 20 minutes a night," Principal Harris said.

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