For all the blues music fans out there, make sure to check out the Google home page today. The search engine and internet giant remembers and pays homage to a blues icon. 

If you go on Google today you might see a familiar face here in the Delta, that's right Google decided to honor B.B. King for his 94th birthday with a Google Doodle.

King was born in the Mississippi Delta on a plantation near Berclair, Mississippi winning 15 Grammys, performing at the White House, being inducted in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, and being the first internationally acclaimed blues artist.

"Google contacted us last year about the possibility of doing a Google doodle in honor of Mr. King. And of course we jumped at the opportunity because Google is worldwide and it's a chance to get worldwide exposure on a platform with a company as large as Google," Malika Polk-Lee, executive director of B.B. King Museum, said.

When you go on the Google homepage and click the Google Doodle it will bring you to information about the history of B.B. King.

"It gives us the extra exposure for the museum as well as Mr. King. And for a younger generation who may not know who Mr. King is and know about his music, they'll get to see him and get a tid-bit of his story," Polk-Lee said.

Robert Luscher was touring the B.B. King museum in Indianola from Nebraska and wanted to say some words about Mr. King.

"I think it's a well deserved tribute to him. He did so much during his lifetime. Having toured this museum today its just amazing how many people he brought his music to and the struggles he went through to get that music out to people and share with them," Luscher said.

Local Arkansas artist Steve Spencer designed the doodle. Brooklyn based guest artist, Nayeli Lavanderos animated the doodle.

The image of Mr. King will be up until 9 pm today.

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