Bryant, Thompson: Feud Over Credit of National Monument- Medgar and Myrlie Home

Governor Phil Bryant is facing backlash after publicly thanking Mississippi's two Republican Senators for their efforts in pushing a new Jackson-National Monument, but leaving out Democratic Rep. Bennie Thompson is is noted for long advocating for the Medgar and Myrlie Home.

Governor Bryant took to Twitter thanking President Trump, Senator Roger Wicker, and Senator Cindy Hyde-Smith, but some twitter users pointed out that Rep Bennie Thompson, the only black member of Congress was left out.

Congressman Thompson responded on Twitter saying "Give adequate credit, I've worked on this for 16 years."

The Delta News caught up with State Senator David Jordan of District 24, as he weighed in on the matter.

"Ms. Evers dedicated the home to Tougaloo College, through Bennie Thompson. It's Bennie Thompson's idea and to snatch it away from him, and to not leave him anywhere as part of this is ridiculous. So I agree with Congressman Thompson, it's his idea. They only got it passed through the U.S. Congress because the democrats control U.S. Congress now. He had tried 16 other times under Republican control and it failed. Now when it gets through then they say well we don't want his name apart of it, but it's his idea."

Congressman Thompson also relased a statement saying in part,

''Since I was elected to Congress in 1993, I have made it my mission to honor the man who I have long admired. In 2003, I introduced legislation commending the lives and accomplishments of Medgar and Myrlie Evers.''

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