Opioid Meeting

The Delta Health Alliance hosted an open community conversation about opioids yesterday evening in Stoneville.

A panel discussion was held featuring a recovering addict, a first responder, the state opioid coordinator and a licensed therapist.

Together the group and attendees talked about the use, misuse, and addiction of the dangerous drug.

One panelist stated 80% of addiction begins with a legal prescription.

"Really dangerous things about the opiates is that all derived once again from the same place. There's your illegal opiates and there's your illegal ones. And so what happens is we see about 80% of people that are prescribed opiates in the legal form over the last several years have turned over to the illegal form. The illegal form is very short lasting but its powerful and so people then tend to resort to crushing up their illegal opiates and using them in a manor that's not prescribed "says Anthony Wood. 

Experts say due to the rise of opioid deaths in the u-s the health crisis is now referred to as the opioid epidemic.

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