A fatal stabbing in Carroll County has left 30-year old Roy Maddox dead. Maddox was a father, a husband, and a son before he passed away of multiple stab wounds Saturday.

 Family members tell the Delta News he was stabbed by a man who was asked to stay away from their property over a month ago.

 According to witnesses and the Carroll County Sheriff's Department, Maddox got into an argument with a Leflore County man after the man returned from a date with Maddox's mother.

"You see what you did," wife of the victim Rachal Maddox says. "You let him kill your son," she says she screamed to her husband's mother the night of the incident.  

Witnesses say the man stabbed Maddox multiple times around his neck area and lower abdomen. His wife says she then ran to get a towel to apply pressure to the wounds.

" The only towel that I could find was his daughter's," she says.  "He died with his daughter's towel around his neck."

On the hood of the family's GMC,  Maddox bled in front of his family. They drove him to deputies who were nearby but they could not save his life.

 "He was a good man," according to his aunt. "A good family man," Melissa Goff says.

According to officials, the man who stabbed Maddox claims his attack was self-defense, but family disagrees.

" Imagine if it was your husband. You know, that's what I want to tell them whoever is working this investigation," Maddox says.

Sheriff Clint Walker tells the Delta News no charges have been filed in the case. The investigation will be submitted to the district attorney's office to determine if probable cause exists to charge any or all individuals involved in the incident.

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