Its hard enough to juggle work, parenthood, and other day to day activities, but one father in Coffeeville says his kidney failure, does not stop him from living his life. 

Anthony Torrance is a regular dad. He coaches his son's football team and loves to be around his family, but he's also suffering from kidney failure.

In 2012, Torrance had a heart attack. When being treated at the hospital, he realized he had kidney failure and had to go on dialysis. Torrance was receiving treatment at the clinic, when he was asked about learning to try dialysis from home.

"One of the routine questions we ask the patients, is what do they expect to gain from doing the dialysis at home, and his answer was to be able to be there for his kids and participate in activities. That's exactly what he's doing and it's really giving us joy at the clinic to see him thriving."

At home dialysis gives Torrance the freedom to do his treatment around his schedule and in the comfort of his chair.

"Sometimes it gets a little stressful, but I just push my way through because i'm there for the kids and that'll make it all worth while."

Torrance says dialysis at home lets him live his life and he wants to inspire his players to keep pushing on even in tough times.

"I push on because i know that dialysis has to be done. So no matter what my day consists of, when it's my day to run, I'm going to run. I know i have to do it cause I want to live. I want to live not only for me, but for my kids."

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