Grammy Winner Garth Brooks Comes to Cleveland

Famous Grammy winner Garth Brooks came to the Delta to talk with children about songwriting.

Country artist Garth Brooks came to the Grammy Museum in Cleveland to talk to children about the magic of making music.

The two time Grammy winner said he plays music not because its his job, but because he loves it.

He encouraged the children to express themselves through songwriting and poetry.

Executive director of the Grammy Museum, Emily Havens is happy Garth was able to come to the Delta.

"Its so exciting that he's here and I knew the students would really enjoy it. They've been studying Garth the last couple of weeks. And for us, he's a two time Grammy winner,. We're obviously excited to have him. The genre, the country genre here, and so much of America's music came from Mississippi and so we're excited that he recognized this great state and recognized coming here and doing a program for the students. It was incredible," Havens said.

Children were allowed to come on stage with their guitars and show off what they can do. Two boys got the opportunity to even play with Garth.

One of those boys was Jacob Chavis, a 10th grader from Cleveland.

"It was truly a once in a lifetime experience for sure. I wish i wasn't as nervous, because you know its kind of like, you get up there in front of one of the best country singers of all the world and you can't really like compare yourself to him," Jacob Chavis said.

Some of the kids showed off their song writing abilities and they also got a little performance from Garth.

"Our mission is education. Every single day we focus on how we can give kids opportunities whether its in song writing or production or sounds or instrument lessons. That's what we do best here is education," Havens said.

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