As the coronavirus pandemic changes everyday life, the Greenville Fire Department has been adapting to keep themselves, as well as residents of Greenville safe.

Greenville Fire Department Chief Ruben Brown explains emotions he and his staff are feeling.

"There really is a drain, an emotional drain. There is a stress level there. Because again, the fire service is so used to touching and interacting and putting our hands on objects and helping people and helping each other," Chief Brown.

The coronavirus pandemic is changing the way people deal with everyday life. For first responders, they have to go about activities with extra precautions. The Greenville Fire Department has cancelled inspections, suspended their smoke alarm program, and even moved training online. These are just a few things the department is doing to keep themselves and others safe.

"We're definitely disinfecting the stations, really three, four times a day. At each station there's three firefighters at each station other than headquarters. Even then, the firefighters isolate themselves throughout the station," Chief Brown said.

But all these safety precautions can take a toll on mental and emotional health, so the fire department is finding ways to stay positive.

"We've been what we call doing a little phone tag. We just recently did our annual pt and so we've done a competition for our annual PT. We can definitely tell when we come together as a group, we still are social distancing, that we're just really happy to see each other," Chief Brown said.

While they have seen a decrease in fires as more people stay home, Chief Brown says they're using this time for spring cleaning.

"Just really getting out in the community and helping out in assistance. I can't wait, we can't wait, until the restrictions are lifted and we're definitely ready to get back into the community and get things back to normal," Chief Brown said.

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