The Greenwood Branch of Guaranty & Trust Bank located on Howard Street in Downtown Greenwood, is getting a makeover both inside and out.

Eddie Muse, Superintendent of the job, with David Smith Contractors says, "Well we had to demo the whole inside of this thing, just about, and some of the older stuff like that vault that was built in 1919 it stays where it is we just uncovered.

The 10 week long remodeling project will include installing new floors, ceilings, adding a new reception area, four offices, and a new break room. Muse says it's clear the bank needed a different appearance, as it was built back in the early 1900s.

"It was badly outdated, paint was peeling off, the wall, holes in the ceiling. it's needed a complete makeover and has for years."

Eight subcontractors were hired to complete the project. Muse tells us the work that will be done on the exterior of the building.

"Now outside all the shutters have to be repainted, and they want to keep the same wood, and all that has to be redone, and the painter who is on the blue lift he's up there scraping, all of that has to be repainted. We got William Buckley with Greenwood Sheet Metal, because it's several things up there that has to be touched up."

The construction project is in its third week.

"We got a lot of work cut out for us, as many changes as we are making that's what this is RFI'S, as many as we're getting we may not get that 10 week schedule, but we're going to try," says Muse.

Muse says because of the amount of work on the interior of the building, weather will not play a factor in completing the project.


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