Greenwood-Leflore School District held its first Teacher Career Fair at the Leflore County School District Central Office.

Dr. Mary Brown, Superintendent of the new consolidated district says, "We're a brand new district, it came about because each year schools, and schools districts have career fairs, and so we felt like it was time for us to hold our career fair so we can solicit teachers to work in our school district."

The teacher career fair provides job seekers with an opportunity to visit in person with more than 20 prospective employers from area educational backgrounds.

Dr. Brown says, "It allows the teachers also the people in the community, and other stakeholders to come in, if they're interested in working with the district, and for the children, to come in and meet the principals, some staff members, to meet and greet others here, but also ask questions about our district and share and provide input to us as we continue to plan for the upcoming school year."

Anthony Williams, Principal at Amanda Elzy High School says, "Anytime you can get perspective applicants in front of you face to face it gives you a great way to gage whether an individual is a good fit for your system, and for your organization. It's been great for the new consolidated school district, the community, it's been a great experience."

Potential teaching candidates were able to meet with 12 principals in one location, representing 12 schools in Leflore County. Robert Morton, teacher candidate says he's grateful for the opportunity.

"I am extremely excited because it opens doors to new opportunities, and to other people like finishing degrees, and trying to become certified, it really opens doors. I really wish it could go on all day, because this is something that people who are interested in education, and I'm very interested so it's a good event," he says.

Three School Improvement Grant Schools including, Threadgill, Greenwood Middle, and Greenwood High School, offered $2,000 signing onuses to teachers in core tested areas.

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