Grenada Council Provides Assistance to Those Impacted by Federal Government Shutdown

The Grenada City Council has passed a resolution to give those impacted by the Federal Government Shutdown additional time to pay their water bills.

City Manager Trey Baker says, "Even though the Federal Government can shut down, that their local Government still has to work for them every day."

Baker says Council members Ernest Hargrove, and Larry Vance made the recommendation, which the council passed unanimously during a special call meeting.

"I do appreciate the councilmen for coming up with this. I think it's a good initiative, we'll be able to help some people out. That's what the local government is about trying to help people live their everyday lives."

There are currently about 230 residents in the City of Grenada who are federally employed.

Vance says, "When I first started thinking this, I was thinking it was probably 50 to 75, but when Mr. Baker laid the numbers in front of me, it really shocked me how many folks we did have in the Federal Government."

Vance says the idea came about when he saw stories on the news of communities coming together to assist the furloughed employees.

"And I got to thinking what can Grenada do, and it kind of came to mind, that we're about to have a water shut off, and let’s put a game plan together so that people won't get their water cut off, but will still have to come back and make the bills up at a later time. We won't penalize them for not getting a paycheck for over a month."

And that month of hardship may be coming to an end, however Councilman Fredrick Wilson says due to the recent record setting Government Shutdown, the city has a plan in place for whatever the future may bring.

"Although the shutdown is over with right now, the President is threatening to do it again so we made the continued resolution so if he comes back and does it again, we can still support our people."

"We're not like Washington where you have husband and wife that works for them. Here we may have a husband, or maybe a wife, and that's going to put a hardship on them, so we want to extend a hand out if we can," says Vance.

City Manager Trey Baker says Federal employees who show their government ID, at the Water Department may extend the deadline to pay water bills ans avoid shutoffs.

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