Check Presentation

Harlow's Casino and Resorts presents a check to the Salvation Army to assist in the day to day duties of providing for Delta residents.

After the closure of the Greenville facility, and the opening of the Cleveland location, Harlow's General Manager, Roscoe Greene, saw there were needs to be met.

This afternoon, he invited Salvation Army representatives to the casino to receive a $1000 donation.

"Harlow's has been a great community partner as we said earlier. We work with organizations in and around the area and I took some time and went out to the Salvation Army in Cleveland, spent some time there. There have a marvelous store there and the work that they're doing in the community, we just thought that its the right thing to do and its the right time to do it," says Greene.

Salvation Army Divisional Director, Suzette Bogan, expressed gratitude to the casino administration. " I'm feeling great.  Its good to know that the local business are willing to support the salvation army and its mission because we're here to meet the needs of the different areas in the delta part of Mississippi where there is a short fall and with businesses supporting us, our mission can go a long way."

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