The games are on. Yesterday was opening day for the Mississippi Lottery and the Delta News caught up with customers trying to get the winning ticket.

If you're feeling lucky, you now have the chance to win some cash. The Mississippi lottery is selling scratch off tickets at various locations.

We talked with excited customers buying lottery tickets.

"Oh I'm very excited about the lottery. I've been waiting like a whole month for them to sell me a ticket. Hopefully I'm buying the first winning ticket," Jennifer Smith, a woman buying a ticket, said.

Some Delta residents are just happy they no longer have to drive to Arkansas to get tickets.

"I normally go to Arkansas so that's quite a long drive, but just to try my luck. I was so happy that Mississippi finally came with it being that I'm coming from Texas and I was used to scratching tickets," Staci Scott said.

"It feels good to get my first lottery ticket in Mississippi cause i don't have to drive to Arkansas," Donald Williams said.

Scratch off games include the Three Times Lucky for one dollar, Happy Holidays Ya'll and Triple 7's for 2 dollars, and the One Hundred Thousand Jackpot for 5 dollars.

If you buy a ticket, you're not just playing a game, you're also helping your state. Director of Communications for the Mississippi Lottery, Meg Annison, explains where the money goes.

"The first 80 million of net proceeds go to infrastructure needs around the state. And so we all know we have problem roads and bridges in our areas, so for 10 years, up to 80 million the proceeds will go to infrastructure. Anything over 80 million will go to the education enhancement fund and that goes to programs like Pre- k and classroom supply," Meg Annison said.

To see a list of retailers selling scratch offs, visit the Mississippi lottery's website at

Power ball and mega million start on January 30th.

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