More Vendors are Welcomed at Greenwood's Farmers Market

The Downtown Greenwood Farmers Market will be opening next weekend.

Organizers are getting prepared for the 2019 season, and they are interested in more vendors to sign up to sell at the market.

The market will accept electronic benefit transfers also known as EBT cards to make purchases.

The grand opening is scheduled on Saturday May 25th beginning at 8a.m, til Noon.

There will be live entertainment, free kids activities as well as giveaways.Beth Stevens who manages the market says she is looking for new vendors, targeting those who sell produce.

The pavilion holds about 25 vendors, but in the case that there are more who want to participate there will be accommodations made.

"We have always managed to have enough tables and chairs to set up in here to accommodate all of our vendors. A lot of our vendors are small growers, and sometimes if they sell out of a product early they'll leave so that opens up a bit more space for someone else. If we do happen to outgrow the pavilion which would be a great problem we have tents that we can expand out and put people under tents so we definitely will not turn anyone away. If you are interested in being a vendor we are not an arts and crafts market, so no flea market types of items. We do allow arts and crafts if they have something to do with the Kitchen or the garden."

For more information about becoming a vendor contact Stevens at (662) 897-6479. The Farmers Market will run every Saturday beginning May 25th through September 28th.

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