We're in a new school year and with that comes safety concerns, specifically, bus safety. A local district is taking strides to ensure its students are safe.

With school back in session, the Mississippi department of transportation is informing drivers of the dangers students face when headed to and from school. The goal is to create a safe environment for school buses when traveling on the road way.

The Greenville School District has taken measures to ensure ways the children can be safe.

"We've been preparing our buses all summer to make sure they were up to par and safe for our students. So we are running those buses accordingly and we have built our routes to make sure they are the best routes for students to arrive at those bus stops in a matter of time that's acceptable to parents, as well as to ensure they arrive to school in a timely fashion," said Greenville School District Superintendent Debra Dace.

The Greenville Police Department also has tips on what to do to ensure safety.

"When you encounter a school zone or a bus that's loading or unloading needs to slow down, use caution, watch, pay attention for children that are exiting the bus or entering the bus. If they're coming from behind the bus well that's out of your line of vision, just watch and look and watch your complete surroundings around your vehicle," said Greenville Police Chief Delando Wilson.

Another safety tip the bus drivers encourage is to have the children arrive at the bus stop on time so they're not running to try and catch the bus and causing an accident. As well as when they're on the bus to remain in their seat and keep the talking down to a minimum.

"One of our most important thing we want our students to know when buses are approaching to stop, to make sure the bus comes to a complete stop and there's not, uh, there's no ongoing traffic oncoming traffic and they also need to wait on the bus driver to signal them to cross before they cross the street," Carlos Thompson, the Director of Transportation for Greenville School District, said. 

For more safety tips and information go to gomdot.com/safetyeducation

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