Need a way to make learning more fun? Well, get up and move. One Delta school is pushing for physical activity in the classroom.

Move to Learn, an organization that travels around America pushing activity in the classroom, came to the Leflore County Elementary School.

"There's a strong correlation between movement and academic performance. Particularly, for kids who have trouble sitting. Usually those children are either tactile or bi-li kinesthetic," division director for Move to Learn, Larry Calhoun said.

The fun activity was for kindergarten through sixth grade students. According to Principal Davis, the older children enjoy it too.

"We can bridge the gap between nutrition and learning and focusing on things we need to do in the classroom. I thought this was a great opportunity for the kids to get to hear from a professional and to get those professional tips on how to make that happen inside the classroom and at home," principal of the Leflore County Elementary school, Shajuanda Davis said.

The Move to Learn program had the kids up, running, doing arm swings, and much more all with smiles on their faces.

One thing Move to Learn pushes is that happy kids are smarter kids.

"Teachers made a huge difference in my life when i was a little boy. Somehow teachers knew that me being a boy that i couldn't sit still in a seat and listen to a teacher for six hours and they made adjustments and taught me the way that i learned best, which was through movement," Calhoun said.

"It would be something that is very beneficial for our campus," Principal Davis said.

Move to Learn is free and includes 55 videos available anywhere in the world, but more particularly in the state of Mississippi.

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