Something no one seems to like, potholes. For one Greenville resident, one pesky pothole has caused her issues since March.

Rita Brooks says she damaged the interior of her truck when hitting a pothole on the corner of Tucker and Florida streets. Brooks says the city sent her a claim form and told her to get two estimates, but she has yet to have her car fixed.

"I went down there and I asked and tried to get some help as far as them fixing my truck, I done got an accident report. I did everything that they wanted me to do," Rita Brooks said.

Brooks said when she hit the pothole, she had police come and file a police report at the scene. Since then she has been waiting for the city to fix her truck and the pothole.

"If a person hits a pothole, it goes through our Public Safety Department and so we have a public safety director, his name is ThomasĀ Hanes. They can come in and report. They've hit a pothole, they had a car damage, they had a tri-damage, and once they get that, we do a police report. Officer comes out on the scene, a report is taken, and that is submitted to the city's insurance provider," Mayor Errick Simmons said.

The insurance provider then does an investigation and responds whether the resident's claim is accepted or denied.

"If they hit a pothole, don't leave the scene. Wait until an officer comes, so they can do a police report, so we can get the right information when you're on the scene of hitting a pothole in the city," Mayor Simmons said.

You can also call 662- 378-1534 or 662-378-1500 or go to the police department.

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