At last week's Board of Alderman's meeting, Inframark representative Keith Johnson showed the board pictures of what he and his crew has been pulling from drainage pumps over the past couple of weeks. Johnson explained how the debris and the excess rain has been putting major pressure on the pumps.

In February alone the city received 15 inches of rain, three times the usual amount. The rain and debris is causing the pumps to work harder in order to keep the flow. 

City engineer Josh McPearson explained how people have been flushing grease, rags, panty hoes, etc. most of which comes from hospitals, restaurants, and nursing homes.

The engineers along with the water and sewer operators plan to developed sewer surveys in order to keep the pumps updated at a 5-10 year range. 

The board plans to take care of the damaged pumps as soon as possible and urges people not to flush foreign items. 

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