Students at Carroll Academy Gets Visit from MEMA 4 Kids

Students at Carroll Academy were excited as they got a very special visit.

"Very excited, I didn't know it was coming, so yeah really excited," says 5th Grader, Jack Grones.

MEMA 4 Kids is a program aimed to give students information, tools, and strategies needed to be fully disaster prepared, while also having a little fun. MEMA Staff Officer, Billy Patrick says the program teaches students to take the lead in showing their family, friends, and community how to stay safe in an emergency.

"We actually come out and read to the kids, teach them how to put together a disaster preparedness kit , and how to prepare for disasters that affect their community such as floods, hurricanes." he says.

County and State Officials worked together to provide more than 100 students with important information that could save lives in the case of a disaster.

Pam Lee, Mayor of Carrollton says, "This was a great day today, for the kids to learn about the different weather conditions that could be a hazard here in the county. In the state of Mississippi, Carroll County unfortunately falls into a lot of those different categories, so they learned some valuable information, and they got some information to take home with them to their parents to help their parents learn what to do."

"This program that they do throughout the state, we were honored for them to come to Carroll County today to be able to give a demonstration on emergency preparedness, because it's so important to all us. Every part of it, we look forward to a long relationship with MEMA," says Ken Stachan, Mayor of North Carrollton.

Jack Grones, 5th grader at Carroll Academy, says he learned a lot about being prepared.

"I had a fun time, I learned when we have floods we need to evacuate. I just learned a lot of stuff."

Mayor Ken Strachan says he began organizing the program with MEMA back in February, through the Carroll County Emergency Management Office.

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