Tax Increase Proposed in Cleveland

A tax increase is on the agenda for Cleveland.

According to the city clerk the Board of Alderman has proposed a 3 mills increase through the total tax millage for the 2020 budget. Currently the city is at 47 mills so it will increase to 50 mills. Each mill generates about 150,000 dollars.

Cleveland City Clerk, Dominique Green explains what the money will be funding.

"It will equate to about 325,000 dollars in extra revenue that will go towards our general fund. Alright, our general fund houses departments like the police department, the fire department, streets, supervision and finance, and so these are our heavily expensed departments within the city," Dominique Green said.

According to Green, citizens will see a slight increase on their ad valorem taxes, which means property taxes, real estate property, and motor vehicle taxes.

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