Update on Grenada Lake: Lake Officials Released Some Water

Officials at Grenada Lakes say although the lake was close to going over the emergency spillway last week, it did not, but the water level is still extremely high.

Recently the Army Corps of Engineers released some water from the lake, by opening the middle gate.

Officials tell us that did help out a lot, and they believe that's what kept the lake from going over the emergency spillway, however they still have a long way to go, before the lake is at the desired water level.

Liz Garlington, Supervisor, Natural Resource Specialist says, "Today Grenada Lake level is at 230.44 that's about 15 ft above the rule curve elevation of 215. We are releasing some water, we were able to open our center gate to 12 ft. We're going to continue high water surveillance until the lake level reaches below 226 elevation, and we really want to remind our visits to be safe."

And as Garlington stated officials at Grenada Lake are still monitoring the lake on a 24-hour surveillance watch.

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