A neighborhood cleanup crew hit the streets to beautify Greenville..

Pastor Aaron King Jr. from the Rosehill South Church was sick of seeing a messy lot outside his church. He then called Vice Mayor Lurann Thomas to get people out to fix the lot.

The Masonic Lodge and Omega Psi Phi headed out to Booker street to clean up the area.

Leo Jennings, worship master of the Masonic Lodge 46, is happy to help clean the community.

"We were riding around by the church and we had been talking with our council lady Lurann Thomas and the Pastor of the church here and it was looking so bad here next to the church and they were asking can anybody come clean the church up. And she just happened to ask us, you know, since we were doing community service if we can take on this lot out here by the church and clean this lot up, and we told her we'd be willing to take it on," Jennings said.

The lot is owned by the state, so Vice Mayor Thomas said they had to get a community group to help clean the lot. Reverend Aaron King Jr. is also very appreciative his voice has been heard.

"We thank god for our vice mayor, who's also concerned for our city. And it would be much better if all the councilmen would go out and try to do what they see necessary to keep our city beautified," Reverend King Jr. said.

"We've decided to go out and help the city clean up some of those lots and everything. And we were just saying if some of the other organizations would do likewise and everything, just pitch in and try to help where we can. This is our city, you know, and the better it look, the better the city is. So we just trying to do something in the city's just trying to help clean up some of these lots," Jennings said.

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