If mosquitoes weren't pesky enough, those carrying West Nile Virus cause greater concern.

The city of Indianola through Vector Disease Control has daily mosquito testing for West Nile Virus. Recently, three traps came up positive with the virus.

"But what that does is lets us be proactive in our larvae siting efforts and truck spraying and really targeting those areas we might have those culex mosquitoes rather than waiting to hear about human cases," Kris New, the Regional Director for Vector Disease Control, said. 

Indianola Mayor Steve Rosenthal is taking action to ensure safety for people.

"But as a precautionary we want the public to be aware. Follow all the normal precautions. Use some type of insect repellent, preferably with Deet, that's supposed to be the most known, most effective," Mayor Rosenthal.

Vector disease control advises people to wear long sleeves when they're outside, even though its hot, but also wear light colored clothing during the day.

The West Nile Virus can give people flu like symptoms. Vector encourages people to put screens on their windows and keep doors shut.

"Areas around your own property that might be potential breeding habitats, toys that are left outside that will collect water, swimming pools, clogged up gutters, bird baths, anything that will hold water for five to seven days is a potential site for mosquitoes," Kris New said. 

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