A job fair getting underway in the Delta. Job seekers on the lookout for that perfect position. 

The Governor's Job Fair came to the Leflore County Civic Center today to promote multiple job opportunities for the Delta community.

"We have over 40 different businesses and organizations that are inside today looking to make hires. About last time I checked, we had just over 300 individuals come through the door. So anytime you have businesses needing to hire and individuals looking to work under one roof, really good things are going to happen for the community," Adam Todd, director of Governor Job Fair in Mississippi, said.

A variety of businesses attended looking for teachers, people to work for the state, mechanics, truck drivers, and more.

"We have many employers who actually attend this year after year and the only reason they would come back year after year because they do find the event successful for their hiring needs," said Todd.

"We have seen our unemployment rate decrease somewhat over the last several years, but we would like to have anyone who wants a job, we certainly want them to have the opportunity to have one," Angela Curry, executive director of the Greenwood Leflore Carol Economic Foundation, said.

The job fair has been going in the delta for eight years, but its not just a job opportunity, its also a training opportunity.

"We try to have organizations present that can help you get on that path. So that you can get that certification or the training that you need in order to gain that job," Todd said.

If you missed today and want more information you can go to the website jobfairs.ms.gov.

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