The Greenwood hospital situation is something that is weighing on a lot of people’s mind including the leaders that are charged with correcting past wrongs and how do we move forward. Here discussing both of those things and much more is Greenwood Mayor Carolyn McAdams and representing board of supervisors Anjuan brown.

Good morning to you both. On behalf of the station and behalf of the people were excited and grateful for your time here this morning discussing and having hard conversations about how we ended up here but how do we move forward. Now you guys city and county co-owners of the the city and county on the same page?

“ I think so. We are on the same page. We are trying to save the hospital. The city and the county understand that the community is most important here and as i stated earlier we must take care of the ones that cannot care for themselves. There are some people that can go other places that have the means to go to other hospitals in Oxford, Jackson, Memphis, but there are some that don’t. The city and the county realize that those are the ones we have to look out for,” said Brown. “We're definitely on the same page to keep these doors open. We are going to do all we can to make sure that happens. If we didn’t have a hospital, it would be devastating to the entire community. The delta is noted for high blood pressure, diabetes, obesity things that have to be treated. That’s why you need an emergency room. That’s why you need a hospital to care for those that can’t. Losing the employment would be a devastating thing for the economy. We must have our hospital open,” McAdams explained.

Are we in a situation now that is keep the doors open at whatever means necessary? “I think so . Absolutely. At this point they don’t care who is driving the car they just want to be in the car. I think that’s where we are now. We want to ease that burden from them, “ said Brown.

Greenwood is your home. How has this personally affected you? “It weighs heavy on my heart. It weighs heavy on my heart knowing you may be losing your hospital. That’s a hard pill to swallow so to speak,” said McAdams.

“ This isn’t a political situation. This is a dire need situation for our community and surrounding communities to be able to have the care and appropriate care that they need. So that’s what we are all fighting for. Everyone agrees that the hospital must stay open. So everyone agrees that it must stay open. Absolutely,” said Mayor McAdams

Discussing all the hard things but also looking ahead to what must happen to keep the doors open to Greenwood Leflore Hospital. Here discussing all the things Mayor of Greenwood Carolyn McAdams and Leflore County Supervisor himself Mr. Anjuan Brown.




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