Succession has some of TV’s most iconic lines, many of which are delivered by Waystar Royco head and Roy family patriarch, Logan (Brian Cox).

Not known for his kindness, some of Logan’s words of wisdom are quite harsh, and we wouldn’t want it any other way. Below, see some of the conglomerate helmer’s most memorable lines from the first three seasons with some foul language guaranteed.

Brian Cox as Logan Roy in 'Succession' Season 4

(Credit: HBO)

Logan’s Words of Wisdom

“If your hands are clean, it’s only because your whorehouse also does manicures.”

“You make your own reality. And once you’ve done it, apparently, everyone’s of the opinion it was all so f—ing obvious.”

“People come to us because we don’t sell them on anything. No packet of f—ing bleeding-heart, United Nations-Volvo-gender-bender horses–t.”

Brian Cox as Logan Roy in 'Succession'

(Credit: HBO)

“The future is real. The past is all made up.”

“Everything, everywhere, is always moving. Forever. Get used to it.”

“I make my nut off what people really want. Don’t tell me about people—I’d go flat broke in a week if I didn’t.”

“Not to be crude, but politics is what comes out the a–hole. Wouldn’t you rather be up front, feeding the horse?”

“Most things don’t exist. The Ford Motor Company hardly exists. It’s just a time-saving expression for a collection of financial interests.”

Succession, Season 4 Premiere, Sunday, March 26, 9/8c, HBO and HBO Max

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