Well, an annual rice festival is taking place this week in the delta. It's a big deal for those who rely on the crop. Delta News' reporter Ashley Renee has more from Merigold.

September is National Rice Month and what better way to honor the month than with a rice festival. Merigold is hosting its annual rice festival soon. A local extension coordinator shares why it's importabt to know where you are getting your rice. 

"September has been marked as National Rice Month and it is so important for us to take time during September to educate our people on the importance of USA rice production. USA rice is a wholesome grain from the ground to our table. Many people do not realize that rice is actually locally grown, locally harvested, locally milled, locally packaged and then put on our local store shelves for consumption. So if you're purchasing USA rice then you know you have a wholesome grain on your table to feed your family."

And there will be plenty of locally grown rice for festival goers to try at the rice festival this week. 

"So this Thursday, Spetember the 15th, will mark our 32nd annual National Rice Month celebration. And we invite everyone to come out to Merigold....right here in the streets of Merigold. We'll be celebrating National Rice Month. We'll have various rice dishes for tasting. We'll also have food, music and lots of children's activities as well."

The event will last from 4 until 7pm and is free and open to the public.

Reporting from Merigold....this is Ashley Renee for The Delta News. 

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