Indianola Police Department welcomes a new police chief. Ronald Sampson is excited to be in his new role. His plans include staffing more officers to help serve the community better. While he is the new chief in charge, he knows that the position is not just about him, but about his team and his community. 

"Well the biggest thing that you wanna do when you come into a department is leave a legacy. Leave a road map, thumb print, and when the next person comes in, they'll have something to follow and won't be as difficult to get started or make the adjustments."

Taking on the new role as a police chief means building trust within the community. Being in his new role will allow Sampson to try to shatter negative thinking about cops. And having more officers in his department will lead to Indianola citizens knowing who's protecting and serving them.

"With more manpower you can do more things. Community events, community interaction, investigations, outreach with your students, uh, and then just, uh, education about what we do as law enforcement. A lot of people misconstrue what we do and we don't get a chance to go out and visit in the community and talk about some of the things we can do to assist the community and vice versa."

Bringing positive change to the community and being a leader for officers following him makes taking this position even more worthwhile.

"Because I am not the last one to sit in this seat. But I wanna make sure that we grow and grow in a way that helps not only the officers, but the community. And, uh, that's pretty much it. Just making sure that everything works out and we leave it better than we found it." 

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