The community of Indianola gathered to march against the recent violence that has shaken their community

“No more silence stop gun violence,”

Powerful words from a community who has suffered through six deaths because of gun violence.

On Monday we honor Dr. Martin Luther king…one man has started a movement echoing the words of doctor king

“Is that in the end what we won’t remember are the words and the deeds of our enemies but what we will remember is the silence of our friends so we absolutely want to speak out against all of the violence that we see here on our streets,” event organizer Kenny Featherstone said.

Kenny Featherstone, along with other community members are tired of what they call a culture of apathy where people turn a blind eye to crime and violence.

And on the same steps fanny Lou Hammer demanded the right to vote…Indianola gathers to fight back against the crime in their city.

Featherstone said it’s time to take action against the gun violence.

”We have to do something about it, there’s too many guns out on the street, too many kids that are turning the gun on each other and it has to stop which is the message that we’re going to send today,” he said.

And Mayor Steve Rosenthal announced a new tip line that will be set up where citizens can anonymously report crime they see.

Featherstone said they will keep fighting.

”The problem we have with gun violence is it doesn’t start in a day so it’s not going to go away in one day so we’re going to be here until we get this thing completely eradicated,”  he said.

And a candle light vigil got underway to honor the victims and their families.

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