Several small bridges located throughout Leflore County have become prime fishing spots for some. However, fishing off these bridges has become a safety hazard for drivers as there is little to no room between them and the fishermen.

"If we have someone fishing on our bridges, then you have huge trucks that weigh tons come by and may accidentally hit somebody. So it is a huge concern, we are concerned for the safety of all in our county. We been having a problem with this for the past 3 years."

The Sheriff's Department says, it is a nuisance to send out deputies to patrol and get people off the bridges. They are beginning to enforce citations for repeated offenders.

"We are giving them a chance to leave and don't come back. We are taking names of the ones that are at that time and we check back later on or the next day. If they are back out there again, then we will write them a citation for what they are doing. It is dangerous because of the traffic coming through there. It's dangerous for them and the vehicle coming through."

Some areas have higher traffic than others with mostly bean trucks and catfish trucks. The board of supervisors started receiving phone calls from the catfish farms complaining about people setting up lawn chairs and taking up part of the bridge.

"We are asking residents to please stop. We don't want any body injured or hurt. People are concerned about this situation."

The county and Sherriff's department asks that residents fish only on designated public land and do not wander on to private property without permission.

"Look at this on tv and hopefully you don't have to see this face out there on the bridges."

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