The family of a Greenwood homicide victim speaks out, still mourning and hoping for justice two years after a mistrial was declared. 

Trevia Foreman is in mourning over the loss of her daughter and hoping to get closure.

 "I just want justice for my daughter," she said at a press conference on tuesday.

29-year-old, Lakeyla Broom, was fatally stabbed in 2014. Her husband was charged with murder, but was eventually freed after Circuit Court Judge Carol White-Richard dismissed the case.

The case was dismissed with prejudice, which means the husband cannot be charged again.

The judge's ruling came after she learned that Detective Jeri Bankston had been texting prosecutors during the 2017 trial.

Bankston was demoted to a patrol officer.

Foreman became angry upon hearing that Bankston might be promoted.

Now she has support from the New Order National Human Rights Organization and its president Gerald Rose.

Rose called for the press conference outside the Greenwood courthouse where the trial took place.

 "My daughter is alive, her daughter is deceased you know, so we're here to comfort her spiritually and let her know that we have a fight on our hands and this case is far from over," he said. 

They plan on bringing a spotlight to the situation by getting the community involved.

 "We have to get the word out in this community maybe hit the streets through social media, flyers, you know get young people involved let them know that this happen in your backyard because that could've been your child," Rose said. 

Trevia said she won't give up fighting for her daughter.

 "What I have endured in these five years and two months three days, now I'm fighting for justice and I will continue to fight for justice until the day I die," she said about continuing on in her fight for justice.  

Foreman spoke with Mayor Carolyn McAdams, who said she'd try to help the family.

Efforts to get a statement from the greenwood police department have not been successful.

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