Members at Locus Benedictus held their annual Special Blessings Christmas party for special needs children. Here they got to celebrate Christmas with other children by making arts and crafts and they also receives some gifts from a very special guest.

Manelle: "I'm here for special blessings of the Delta and that is exactly what they are very specials blessings to us. I know because I had a sister who cerebral palsy and so I love to give back to them the way people gave to my sister."

Locus Benedictus tries to expose these children to things that they might not ever see or get to do. Their mission is to help improve the lives of children with certain medical conditions or special needs.

Missy: "This is our second time coming and he loves it. I love it. Normally I sleep in on a Saturday but this was a special day so I got up to bring him here. His mom is working so we came out to enjoy what they have for him. He enjoys coming. This is a great place for him to be able to mingle with other people and other kids to help improve his social skills."

Each child definitely left with smiles on their face.

"Did you talk to sant clause? What did he tell you? I said I wanted a monster jam truck grave digger and he said okay."

They plans for future events with children through through their special blessings of the Delta program. They hope to reach more children and give them the best experience possible.

"In the future we have other events we are planning and we are also trying to make a handicapped accessable playground that will be here at Locus Benedictus.

If you would like to support Special Blessings of the Delta non-profit organization, you can send them a check payable to Special Blessings of the Delta at Locus Benedictus PO Box 9791 Greenwood, MS and they are thankful for your support.

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