Members of locus benedictus held their fall special blessings event which invited children with special needs to come out to a fish rodeo and do arts and crafts along with decorating pumpkins. This is one of many events that locus benedictus has with their special blessings of the delta program throughout the year. They help some of the children do things that they normally don't get to do because of medical reasons.

Janice Ford: "This is kinda for socialization. Let their families see how they can be apart of a larger group of children. They have been coming for about five years and they come from all over the delta. We try to make it as happy as we can for children that have needs that are not met."

They have been doing this program for five years and have reached many children throughout the delta. One of the participants this year was James who had a smile on his face every time you saw him.

James Fortenberry: "What did you get to do today? I went fishing and helped out and saw my friend. I caught a fish and kept up the hard work."

Not only was this a special day but for some it was heartwarming.

Judi Gillespie: "This is my first time to ever volunteer. And it has probably one of the most touching things I have ever done. These children are beautiful. What they got, you said wow, I say wow. They are truly special blessings."

They definitely had a blast. Their next event will be a Christmas celebration in early December. They invite all families with a child who has a disability or certain condition to come out and let them enjoy being a kid.

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