We have entered our second tornado season of the year, and it is recommended that you have a tornado safety plan in place should the worst happen. Tornadoes are one of the hardest types of weather to predict and forecast. Meteorologists are still studying their formation and trying to figure out ways to better forecast where they will form. As of now, we are only able to draw out a general area that would be ripe for tornadic development. But once they form, sometimes you have less than a few minutes to take shelter. The best place to be during a tornado is a either a basement or tornado shelter. If you do not have a basement or underground shelter, move to an interior room or hallway on the bottom floor of the building. You want as many walls between you and the outside and it is also recommended that you have blankets and pillows and even a mattress placed on top of you to protect yourself from potential debris. Cars and mobile homes are not safe places to be during a tornado as they offer zero protection. Make sure you plan ahead when potential severe weather is in the forecast and have your tornado safe place ready. Have all of your devices charged and have multiple ways to receive warnings. When you hear the sirens, take shelter immediately.

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