A homeowner’s is receiving a new look to their property.

The Housing initiative funded through United Way is partnering with Trop Casino to brighten up the look of this neighborhood.

“I am so thankful for United Way. Stepping in to help with the repairs and painting on the home here on hay street in Greenville.” Stated by homeowner Patricia Yates

With this initiative gearing up after covid, the volunteers are excited to be back serving people.

Trop casino general manager, Colin Skidmore, states “And I’m here today with a bunch of team members that are excited to give back to the community.”

Skidmore hopes this is only the beginning in helping the city receive a new look.

“So, Greenville is a community that means very much to us. And one of the ways that we love to give back is partnering with nonprofits in the area and finding ways to tangible make a difference.” He continued

A tangible difference that yates get to witness every day.

“With the cost of everything these days, this is absolutely a big, big help!” Exclaimed Patricia Yates.

A big help to Yates… and a big help to the delta.

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