Five more candidates have qualified to run for Greenwood's upcoming municipal elections. Two are vying for the position of mayor, and three are seeking positions on the City Council. 

The newly qualified candidates for mayor are Shawanda E. Chaney and Nathan Wright. Both are running as independents. 

The three new candidates for seats on the City Council are Anthony Gary, Nick Onyshko and Dewitt Kimble.

Gary is running for the Ward 1 council seat as a Democrat.

Onyshko is running as an independent for the ward 3 council seat.

Kimble is running for the ward 5 council seat as a Democrat. 

The deadline to qualify was Friday, February 5th. Party primaries will be held April 6th, and the general election is June 8th.

Candidates who previously qualified to run for mayor or the City Council are as follows:

Mayoral Race

Carolyn McAdams: an independent who was first elected in 2009

Kenderick Cox: running as a Democrat

Ward 1

Johnny Jennings: a Republican who was first elected in 1993

Ward 2

Lisa Cookston: a Republican who was first elected in 2009

Ward 3

Ronnie Stevenson: a Democrat who was first elected in 2003 

Ward 4

Charles McCoy: a Democrat who was first elected in 2005

Kiara S. Williams: running as a Democrat

Sammy B. Foster: running as a Democrat

Ward 5

Andrew Powell: a Democrat who was first elected in 2014

Lavoris Leroy Weathers: running as a Democrat

Ward 6

Dorothy Glenn: running as a Democrat

Ward 7

Carl Palmer: a Democrat who was first elected in 1989

Charles Brown: running as a Democrat

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