Alligator Hunting Season Returns to the Delta

Alligator hunting season is back in the Delta.

After being on the protective species list for years, alligators now have a regulated 20-30 day season for hunting. In the Delta, alligators have to be caught like a fish on a rod and reel.

Hank Burdine, from the Mississippi Levee Board, has information on how the hunting process works.

"The alligator sport of hunting alligators is an extremely dangerous thing. It's something you have to be very careful in. When you're doing it, it's in a very hostile environment. The gator doesn't want to come to the boat with you and there are a lot of other things that creepy crawly out in the swamp in the middle of the night. So alligator hunting is a great sport, but its only needs to be done by people that know exactly what they're doing cause you have to be very careful while you're out there at night," Burdine said.

Hank Burdine says if you see an alligator don't bother it, call the sheriff's department and someone will come out and put the alligator somewhere safe.

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