Arkansas Couple Accuses Humphreys County Of Assault

An Arkansas man is recovering after he said he was assaulted by Humphreys County deputies.

Lee Bullion and his fiance Amanda Bullard were separately traveling from Eureka Springs, Arkansas to Terry, Mississippi for Thanksgiving when they were stopped.

Lee began a Facebook live video capturing the traffic stop; the video shows Lee obeying orders from the deputy to step away from his fiance's car.

More deputies responded to the call and according to the uniform arrest ticket, Bullion was arrested for failure to comply with a lawful order after a deputy approached him telling him to put his phone down.

The recording shows the deputy saying Lee was arrested for interfering with a traffic stop. Bullion was handcuffed after he said he was slammed down onto his vehicle and placed in the deputy's car for about 40 minutes.

According to Bullion he has a history of seizures and remembers blacking out and waking up on the ground. The couple say they're confused about the whole incident because according to Amanda the original deputy pulled her over for not wearing a seat belt, but her windows are tinted too dark to see in. And on the ticket she received the box checked is "child restraint violation" not "seat belt violation". Lee's 9 year old child was in the passenger seat wearing a seat belt at the time however.

Bullion was treated at Baptist Memorial Hospital where the doctor listed his injuries as a result of an assault.

Lee Bullion said it must be a common occurrence. 

"It's just how many people are going through the same thing in my fingers for one one of my trying to get out of it I m not really sure yet but I want justice to be served as the main thing justice needs to be served," he said. 

And Amanda said it's a learning lesson for women too. 

"And awareness especially to women traveling alone you know be safe take precautions," she said. 

They said they have contacted an attorney in regards to the incident.

We did reach out to the Humphreys County Sheriff's Department Sunday evening but they said they did not want to comment on the incident.

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