A community in mourning after one of their own is gone.

Bill Johnson passed away Monday morning after his second fight with cancer.

Editor and publisher of the Delta Democrat Times, Jon Alverson, remembers his coworker and friend.

 “Bill was a great guy, he was super quiet but he was a part of everything that was going on in this community since 1991,” he said.

As a military brat, Johnson moved around a lot as a child but ultimately returned to his birth place of Greenville as a staff photographer at the DDT in 1991, later becoming chief photographer in 1995.

His work systematically being honored by the Mississippi Press Association in the “Better newspaper contest” for Excellency in photography.

His work ranging from weddings to court cases and everything in between.

 “He was always behind the camera but he was always there you couldn’t have a party in the delta without bill being there,” Alverson said.

Alverson said because Johnson was always at events, so many people knew him. Always with his camera in hand.

 “His equipment was kind of simple photographers can go much different ways with equipment some carry bags and bags of stuff to get stuff done but bill didn’t he had one camera two lenses and a flash,” he said.

A simple set up that has produced hundreds of stunning photos and a legacy that will last for years to come.

“He’s going to be missed you can say that about a lot of people but the world was better when bill was in it,” said Alverson.  

Bill Johnson was 62 years old. Arrangements are pending at the Redmond Funeral Home.

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