A Boyle family gets the chance to appear on America's Funniest Videos thanks to a colorful plan their two young sons cooked up.

Their adventure began back in March when little Titus and his big brother Silas had a plan to draw and color one of their favorite characters from one of their favorite shows.  

The two, mixed together food coloring to make a missing color they need to complete their drawing.

The boys confess to mom in the video, that their plan didn't go as planned.

They spilled the food coloring all over the floors, themselves and even the walls.

Mom and Dad kept their cool; and, with a little nudging submitted the video to the AFV show.

"Got a phone call that said, hey, your video is going to shown on a episode and we got excited about being able to see the video on the TV show or whatever and got excited about that and it wasn't about a week later, they mentioned to us, that we were actually going to be flown out to L.A. to get to be on the show and get to be a part of that so, it kind of took us off guard.  We've never been a part anything like that before, especially our kids, it was our kids first time to ever be on an airplane so it was a pretty neat and fun experience." Said, Dad, Andrew Kapperman.

The episode with the Kapperman's video is the season premiere and it airs Sunday at 6 p.m. on the ABC Network.

Tune into The Delta News at Ten, Weekend Edition Sunday night to find out just how funny America found the Kapperman's family video.

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