In Greenville a campaign rally got underway Saturday for a few of the democratic candidates on the ballot here in the Magnolia State.

Mike Espy, along with Congressman Bennie Thompson and Judge Latrice Westbrooks were in attendance to meet voters and speak about their campaigns.

Mayor Errick Simmons and other local officials were there to welcome to motorcade to Stein Mart Square.

Espy, running against incumbent Cindy Hyde-Smith for a senate seat sighting their differences, saying he's willing to debate with just over two weeks left before the election.

"Well that's the main reason you need to be to debate if you felt the same way about everything then you wouldn't need to, my views about healthcare about education even about agriculture are so different than Cindy Hyde- Smith so the only people who benefit from the debate is really not not the candidates but it's the public; the public has a right to have two candidates on the stage talking about their respective views and issues of the day," he said. 

Congressmen Bennie Thompson speaking about the importance getting out to vote this year. As the incumbent he says victories are never guaranteed which is why he takes opportunities like the rally today to meet voters and answer their questions.

Thompson said he will continue to work for the people of Mississippi.

"Well you know we settle our differences at the ballot box democrats republicans independence however after that the expectation is that the winners will do what s in the best interest of their constituents and I hope that will be the case after November 3," he said.

Also there to speak was Judge Latrice Westbrooks who is running for the Mississippi Supreme Court saying women need to be represented with the big decisions being made.

"Those decisions are being made on the Supreme Court, women are under represented on the supreme court we make a 55.1% of the population here in Mississippi we're holding up half of the household in Mississippi we understand we're not properly representative on the Supreme Court and it's time for us to be sitting at the table where those critical decisions are being made," she said.

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