A recent pitbull attack leads city officials to take action. 

Two weeks ago a woman was taking a stroll with her puppy when attacked by two pitbulls. The Cleveland police department went to the owner who relinquished ownership of the animals to the city. The dogs were deemed dangerous and euthanized.

The city of Cleveland then discussed a new ordinance to prevent any future attacks.

"You have to have a hundred thousand dollars worth of liability insurance. You have to have, you're supposed to have the dog either confined inside of a building or in an enclosure that has a concrete slab that's at least four inches thick. Wiring has to be around it. They have to be at least 6 ft tall. You have to be 21 to own the dog. You have to be 21 to walk the dog. And if you're walking the dog, it has to have a muzzle on it," Chief Buster Bingham of the Cleveland Police Department said.

"The pitbull ordinance that's in place has been in place for over 10 years, but it does have room for a little bit of critiquing and change," Jamie Gregory-Grant, director of the Cleveland-Bolivar County Animal Shelter.

Part of the ordinance is that the pitbulls have to be spayed and neutered before you can own a pitbull.

Jamie Gregory-Grant said the shelter is facing an issue with owners coming up with reasons not to have their pitbull spade and neutered.

"But the spade and neuter law is so that people are not fighting them or breeding them because both of those are things are illegal in the city limits of Cleveland," said Gregory-Grant.

If you do see a dog that looks threatening, the Police Department has some tips on what to do.

"If you're just aware of your situation.. If you see a dog running lose or whatever, turn and go in the opposite direction. Don't do anything that will antagonize dog. Don't try to look the dog straight in the face because that's a way an animal takes it as being a sign of aggression," said Chief Bingham.

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