A Cleveland parent is unhappy with the policy that has been put in place that says students will be returning back to school face to face in August. 

Here in Cleveland Mississippi I talked to a concerned parent to get her views on the policy the Cleveland School district is implementing for this coming school year.

Anetha Thomas said this about opening school "the first concern is that the school board and the superintendent have decided that our children need to go back face to face traditionally and I do have a problem with that. With the Covid-19 that is on rise, I want to know how they are going to control the infection that the children are face to face in a full class room"  this hits close to home for Anetha because two of her family members have health conditions.  

"And I do have a son that has asthma and I do have a grandson that has a heart condition so im really concerned about them going back to school and getting sick or even getting deadly sick and going to the hospital where the parent cant be there.

According to Anetha she said the school district has reached out to the parents about how they are going to ensure safety but she is still not happy

 "They said they ordered mask, not mask but they say that ordered shields for all the students and teachers so when the children dispose of the mask or tare them up wheres the replacement going to come from and who is going to ensure that they keep them on and if they are wearing them home, who to say that they going to wear them back to school"


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