GREENWOOD - Greenwood Leflore Hospital continues on life support tonight, as the last remaining cash drains out of its veins. As Leflore County Supervisor Robert Collins called last night's meeting to order, he made it clear, he didn't want to hear the bickering that marked last week's meeting."We need to make sure we try to do everything we can to save our hospital, and we would like to do a nice smooth fashion," he said.

After a report on the hospital from interim CEO Gary Marchand, the board's consultant started delivering the bitter medicine. "Closing the hospital is just  not an option that I see for this community. And I hope that everyone agrees on that. I don't have a magic wand. It is gonna take a` team effort." said hospital consultant Sam Odle. Keeping the hospital open would be expensive, and difficult he said, and it would never look the same."Greenwood-Leflore Hospital is a 200-bed hospital. It's not likely to ever go back to that." Odle explained.

Then, the man everybody had waited for, Congressman Bennie Thompson, who offered what help he could with federal programs and loan forgiveness and the like, but he said the heavy lifting of fixing the problems at Greenwood-Leflore would have to come from Mississippi state lawmakers. "We'll probably end up in the legislature because so much you're seeking right now has to come from the same state legislature." said Congressman Bennie Thompson.

So with all that out in the open, it came down to the board putting it's money where its mouth is."There needs to be a resource cash infusion into the health system to make sure it's stable with supervisors. They're ready to put up funds to do that, in partnership with the city." said Odle. After an executive session behind closed doors, the board did just that... setting aside 2 and a quarter million dollars to limp into the next legislative session.

To view the whole meeting from our news partners, click on this link from The Taxpayer's Channel

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