Voters in several Mississippi Delta counties returned to the polls Tuesday to choose officials ranging from supervisor to constable in primary runoffs. In the races listed below, all candidates are Democrats. There were no runoffs for Republican in these races.

Bolivar County

Supervisor District 3: Olanda D. Morton, 53.92 percent, C.P. “Babe” Billings, 45.86 percent.

Supervisor District 4: Joseph White 50.65 percent, James D. McBride, 49.35 percent.

Carroll County

Chancery clerk: Casey Carpenter 61.79 percent, Christy Noah, 38.17 percent.

Constable Southern District: Roshaun Daniels, 55.1 percent, Rob F. Banks, 44.9 percent.

Coahoma County

Supervisor District 5: Roosevelt Lee Jr., 51.67 percent, Will Young, 48.18 percent.

Issaquena County

Supervisor District 2: Jerry Wayne Britton, 68.75 percent, Willie "Billy" Peterson, 31.25 percent.

Sharkey County

Supervisor District 4: Jessie "Pop" Mason, 61.28 percent, King Evans Jr., 35.97 percent.

Tallahatchie County

Coroner: Ginger Merriweather, 51.16 percent, Tony Hawkins, 47.83 percent.

Constable District 1: Jimmy Manues, 55.31 percent, Frank Chambers, 44.67 percent.

Washington County

Supervisor District 4: Mala Brooks, 54.92 percent, Charles Patterson, 45.07 percent.

Holmes County

Supervisor District 1: l. "Hamp" Hampton, 56.55 percent, Henry Anderson, 43.3 percent.

Supervisor District 4: Leroy Johnson, 66.79 percent, Joe Willie March, 33.21 percent.

Justice Court Judge District 2: Marcus Fisher, 60.20 percent, Francine Jefferson, 39.60 percent.

Again, most of these are unofficial results. Outcomes may be affected by absentee or affidavit ballots.

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