Across the country confederate monuments are being removed in the wake of George Floyd's death. Now one such monument here at home in Washington County is coming into question.

Social media lit up Thursday night after Greenville Mayor Eric Simmons posted an open letter to the Washington County Board of Supervisors asking for a confederate monument to be removed from downtown Greenville.

The board will discuss the monument in their upcoming meeting.

Board President Carl McGee said it’s time for the monument to go and is confident the upcoming meeting will reflect that.

 "You know the statue is located right there in the front of the Washington County Courthouse lawn, right there on Washington Avenue, the board will take that matter up in Monday's board meeting and I have every confidence in the world that our board will make a decision that's appropriate for all citizens, all citizens across Washington County. They'll do the right thing," he said.

The topic coming up as around the country, cities are having similar discussion about long time standing confederate monuments.

This is the monument in question in downtown Greenville outside the county courthouse. It’s sparked a lot of conversation about what should be done about it.

Allene Brown said she feels it should stay.

"I don't think they should because it's been there forever, you know it's part of our country so i don't think they should," she said. 

Autumn Ford echoing Brown.

"I don't feel like it's right to remove that its' been there for the longest [time] i just don't feel like that's right," she said.

The Washington County Board of Supervisors are set to meet Monday to discuss the monument. Spectators are still limited due to coronavirus concerns. 

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