Curtis Flowers entered a courtroom again but this time he’ll be home for dinner.

 Flowers dad was emotional at the thought of having dinner with his son. 

“We’ll see who can eat the most,” he said. 

A hopeful statement from Flowers’ 77 year old father who’s stood by him all these 23 years.

Flowers has been tried six times for the same murders from 1996, each trial ending with a hung jury or overturned convictions. Flowers has maintained he is innocent throughout all of them.

One crucial member of this legal saga was noticeably missing: Prosecuter Doug Evans; instead sending someone in his place.

The judge was not pleased with the state’s handling of the Curtis Flowers case thus far and flowers attorney called it “a litany of misconduct”.

Judge  Joseph Loper granted bail  for  Flowers at $250,000,000, which was posted by an anonymous donor. He is set to be released late Monday afternoon.

Flowers' attorney, Rob McDuff, said they were happy with the outcome.

”Extremely pleased that the judge has granted bail for Curtis Flowers, it's been a long time coming,"

The judge ordered electronic monitoring of Flowers while he out on bail. Now he and his family and legal team are planning for the future.

“We will be moving forward on our motion to dismiss the charges and we will continue to press this case forward if they are not dismissed we will be ready for a seventh trial which we fully believe Curtis Flowers will be found not guilty," his lawyer said.

It is still unclear if there will be a seventh trial in this case but that has yet to be decided.

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