"Cleveland is a music town and we want to be known as Mississippi's music city".

The Delta is no stranger to music history and now Cleveland is working to spotlight local artists and share the history with the newly launched delta deep roots website.

Alderman and local musician Danny Abraham says it was a no brainer for the city to partner with Tricia Walker on the project.

Danny Abraham said there's so much history to explore. 

"You have to understand the heritage of Cleveland and of the Delta, the indigenous immigrants the groups that came years ago left their footprints in our soul, musical footprints," he said.

Website visors can learn more about roots music.

Tricia Walker explains what roots music is.

"Roots music is a combo of genres that developed in our country from indigenous people groups and it includes blues, country, gospel folk, singer song writer, jazz, so all these things that really come up from the roots," she said.

There are 8 local artists yo can discover on the website right now.

And of course the pandemic has impacted the project s plans canceling several live events in Cleveland but the group says they do still have some recorded performances planned.

"It's all about trying to build that local Eco system of music and musicians, you know musicians are kind of like lone rangers they re out there everywhere so this is an effort to try and pull people together in a particular project," Walker said.

Walker herself an accomplished musician who's been instrumental in the music scene in the city working with Delta States DMI program and the Grammy Museum among others.

She along with Abraham, who just released his own gospel album titled "Don't Worry 'Bout Me" said the community will be excited to highlight its musical history. His album is available one all music streaming services. 

 "We want to draw those artists here and we already have a tremendous base so it s going to be great," he said.

And not only does the website serve to spotlight local artists... But it also acts as a tourist draw.. Hoping to turn Cleveland into the roots music town in Mississippi.

To check out the website visit deltadeeproots.com. You can also find them on Facebook at Delta Deep Roots.

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